Thursday, January 16, 2014

Seven Quick Takes - The One With Zumba: Sweating With the Oldies to Blurred Lines

Tuesday at yoga class I met a woman who is 70 years old. Seventy. Today is my 36th birthday, and I'm coveting the flexibility of a 70 year-old. I told her I would never have guessed 70. She said, "Oh, that's because I dye my hair. You gotta dye your hair when it goes gray."

So there you have the secret to aging: Yoga and Nice 'n Easy.

Since I'm going to yoga at the YMCA now, I also started going to Zumba. I am terrible at Zumba. The truth is, I'm astonishingly uncoordinated, and I look ridiculous.'s still fun and a fantastic workout. For the most part, I'm better at it than the elderly Chinese man in the corner. Not always, though. He gets pretty funky with the right choreography.

This morning while I was cha-cha-ing and body rolling with the old folks at the YMCA to the lyrics "I know you want it...", a 2014 Word of the Year finally occurred to me: STRONG. This year, I want to become stronger both physically and spiritually. Time to get my tiny arms-of-steel back.

My baby's first birthday is tomorrow. How has it already been a year? Is that really possible? She's walking, eating human food and saying words. It's occurring to me that what I really have now is a toddler. A TODDLER. What the what? She was just born, like, a minute ago!
This is my daughter getting run-by photo-bombed by her brother.

The Bachelor is a terrible show. But I've never, and I mean never ever ever, had more fun watching any TV show than I did watching The Bachelor with my sister the other night. "My shirt is thread-bare, but it has a spunky pocket. It cost $700." We are HIL.AR.I.OUS. Seriously, we should be on TV.

My sister recently brought to my attention a real concern relating to selfie-taking. Hey selfie-takers: Why don't you have friends? Is there really no one else around who can take a proper photograph of you with your new hair cut snuggling with your [child, pet, beer] on the beach? It's a topic I may (or may not) cover in another blog post.

For the past two years I have done random acts of kindness for my birthday. This year I followed through, although I did it way early. I made 36 face/neck warmers (gators) for the homeless in my city. It's not nearly enough, but it's more than none. All during last year I would look for 50% off remnants of fleece to use at Jo-Ann Fabrics (goodness, I go there often enough). It takes just a little sewing, and they are easy enough to make for military personnel in the field or for the homeless. Here is a site with instructions:

Bonus #8!
This morning during Zumba class I kept thinking of the scenes from the Friends episode, The One With the Fake Monica, where they take a tap dance class and Monica can't keep up with the choreography. So in the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I leave you with this clip:

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  1. Happy birthday! So you follow conversion diary too? I can't wai for her book to come out. My word is thirst. We'll see where that leads! I'm totally with you on the problem of not opening gifts at a birthday party. :/ hope you have a great day! Maybe I'll run into you at joAnns again soon! :)