Friday, March 21, 2014

Dear Diary, Best. Morning. Ever!

Dear Diary,

Today has been the best day! Last night I got eight consecutive hours of sleep for the first time in over a year! After I dropped Mister Man off at school, I set off to finally to run those "quick" errands with the baby toddler in tow. You know, the ones that involve shopping and trying on and decision-making levels of concentration. The kind which are the bane of every young child's existence. The kind that I normally give up on and walk out of the store thinking, "I'll go tonight when the hubs is home," and then once the kids are in bed it's dark out and I'm tired and only want to put on my pajama pants and watch Everybody Loves Raymond reruns on Netflix and so never get around to doing. That kind.

I went to Academy and took forever to find what I was looking for. I asked two people and eventually found it. Then we looked for shoes for Mister Man while we were there.

Not a peep from my little Sugar Plum in her stroller!

1 down, 2 to go...

Next we went to the mall. Yes, THE MALL. For me this is the most dreaded place to take a young child. I still have flashbacks of toddler melt-downs in front of The Children's Place. Gymboree is a fast-track to tantrum town. It's as if Cinnabon was placed there solely for the sakes of frazzled mothers of toddlers and pregnant women.

Before heading into the main mall, though, I first popped into Barnes and Noble "just to walk through" to the main mall. I was able to read, choose, think about, change my mind about, then finally thoughtfully decide on four books to buy. And, Diary, you KNOW I read a hundred and four children's books before picking those four!

Still so far so good!

Then we went to...wait for it...Victoria's Secret. I know, I know, what was I thinking? There isn't even room for a stroller in that store! But I so desperately needed undies without holes in them, and they were having a sale (7 cotton undies for $26.50, if anyone's interested), and for whatever reason, VS seems to have the only underwear in the world that fits me well. Li'l Bit was doing so well there that I took a chance to try on a couple of bras. Goodness knows I really need a non-pregnancy, non-baby, non-push-up, my-boobs-have-found-a-new-normal-and-I-hate-bras bra! But I never braved even trying to shop for one before today!

It was like a dream! I tried on a couple and, just like in the book store, was able to think clearly (-ish, let's get real here, Mom-brain is here to stay) and make a decision without duress! She was such a fun little shopping buddy that we laughed and "chatted' with each other during the entire checkout line wait (and you know how long that can be).

Okay, Diary, so far this has been the stuff of legends. But you haven't even heard the best part yet. Oh no, you haven't!

In the car, she fell asleep. I slyly turned into the parking lot next to the nail salon. I oh-so-carefully pulled the car seat out and slid it into the stroller frame. I went inside for a pedicure, armed with snacks and a hope-for-a-miracle attitude. SHE SLEPT THROUGH AN ENTIRE SPA PEDICURE! I'm not even kidding (you know I would never lie to you, Diary)! THIS HAPPENED!

I want to remember this morning forever. For once, a public outing with one of my kids was more of a fairy tale and less of a precautionary tale.

When we got home, we had just enough time before picking up Big Brother to eat a quick lunch while writing to you about my amazing morning. And she didn't even poop!

I have to go, because I need to pick up Mister Man from school and then tackle the piles of laundry. But, oh, Diary! What a glorious day today has been!

Wait, scratch the "didn't even poop" part. Gotta run! 'Till next time!

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